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THE HELMET - the decidedly enviable position it holds certainly bespeaks of the loftly military ideals of Courage, Loyalty and Integrity for which it is intended to stand. Incidentally, these words are actually embossed on the engigne. The repetition is engendered by the necessity of turning out men who are more vigilant in the role they are to play.

THE THREE STARS - like like the Philippine flag, the three stars stand for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

THE SHEATHED SWORD - the sword itself stands for the military profession and its being sheathened demands that the pursuit of the Army should not be channelled to oppression or agression. Moreover, the use of the sword to stand for military career necessitates a close adherence to the principles of gentlemanliness which characterized the sword player during the olden times.

THE OIL LAMP - Education is the best word symbolized by the oil lamp. Intellectual enlightenment and development should be a paramount concern of military men since they are the strongest media which the exercise of the faculties are better controlled. Through them a broadened horizon is achieved which spurs sane and logical decision.

THE LAUREL LEAVES - These stand for honor. The Academy is a failure if it turns out men whose end is greed, for then, the means will always be deception. If behind the facade of overwhelming honesty lurks a knavish monster, then the cadets have no right to be identifies with the ensigne for they can not stand the final reckoning in the tribunal of public opinion.